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New version of sysutils/py-psutil committed to wip


I just committed version 5.4.3 of py-psutil to pkgsrc-wip.
The version in main pkgsrc as of 2017Q4 is 5.2.2.

Actually I didn't care about the version, I only needed to compile it on DragonFly. Currently there are no patches for DragonFly in main pkgsrc, so I used patches from dports (DragonFly ports) and the version that is currently in there, which
turned to be 5.4.3.

Patches for NetBSD seem to be committed upstream, so the only patches needed were
the ones for DragonFly.

I fixed the PLIST the way it was done in main pkgsrc version and checked
that the package successfully builds on MacOS (Darwin 17.3.0), Ubuntu 14.4 & 16.4,
Void Linux and (of course) on DragonFly BSD.

Unfortunately I currently don't have a NetBSD machine at hands.

Could someone please test it on NetBSD and maybe submit it to main pkgsrc?

Thanks in advance.

Aleksej Lebedev

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