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Re: Using pbulk with distcc

Julien Savard <> writes:

> By the way I keep trying to make pbulk use distcc for its build however I'm
> starting to think pbulk simply ignore the "PKGSRC_COMPILER=distcc ccache
> gcc" line of the mk.conf. Is that possible ? Is gcc hardcoded in pbulk ?

I have been having an issue that might be related.  I have not posted
because I have not properly tracked it down.  It seems that there may be
an interaction between USE_CWRAPPERS=yes and distcc, where when
cwrappers are used the distcc directive in PKGSRC_COMPILER is not

I started to trace the logic but didn't spend the time that seems to be
needed to fully understand.

So I would suggest that you put USE_CWRAPPERS=no in your mk.conf and see
if that changes anything.  If it makes distcc work, I would encourage
you to file a PR with details and how to reproduce, preferably a minimal
repro recipe without pbulk.

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