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Re: Has pkgsrc-2017Q4 been officially released?

Gua Chung Lim <> writes:

> Sorry, if it was asked here before. But I couldn't find it.
> And the question is trivial.
> I doubt whether pkgsrc-2017Q4 has been released or not?

You are the first to ask!

> has not announced.
> has not announced.
> has not announced.
> has not announced.
> Normally they did, whenever new pkgsrc is released.
> has officially announced 2017Q4 since 29 Dec 2017.
> has 2017Q4 branch but without any announcement.

The way this work is:

  The person organizing the branch creates a tag for where the branch
  starts, and a branch tag for the branch.  This defines what's in the
  branch; the entire freeze process leads up to making that set of files
  as good as possible.

  That person knows they should make a draft announcement, get some
  people to review it to make sure it is correct, and then send it, but
  if it's me I'm sometimes slow about it.

  If someone asks I realize I am being too slow and get going.  Thanks
  for the ping...
> I used to fetch and install prior to *official* announcement.
> After official announcement, some source code was changed.
> I ended up with recompile and reinstall them all again.
> So I want to do it at once.

The sending of the announcement mail doesn't have anything to do with
how the sources are managed.

The tag "pkgsrc-2017Q4" in CVS is a branch tag.  It therefore refers to
a changeableset of files.  Already there have been three build fixes
pulled up to the branch and one more is pending -- we do this for bug
and security fixes.  More will surely follow, but I have no idea what.

So there will be changes, over the entire 3 month lifespan.  But there
are no large-scale changes planned.

If you use pkg_rolling-replace, you will only have to rebuild things
that changed.  That's also true with pbulk.  But when there are security
fixes, you will have to update.

If you use pkgin, it should update ok with this process.  That only
works if someone publishes binaries, and you have to wait until they
happen.  (The NetBSD package build cluster is building packages

> How can I get notification via email that new release of pkgsrc is ready?
> Like "watch" on GitHub or pull request or whatever it's called.

When the announcemnet is sent, it will be on tech-pkg@ and
pkgsrc-users@.  But you already know the tag has happened.


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