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Has pkgsrc-2017Q4 been officially released?

Hi all,

Sorry, if it was asked here before. But I couldn't find it.
And the question is trivial.
I doubt whether pkgsrc-2017Q4 has been released or not? has not announced. has not announced. has not announced. has not announced.
Normally they did, whenever new pkgsrc is released. has officially announced 2017Q4 since 29 Dec 2017. has 2017Q4 branch but without any announcement.

I used to fetch and install prior to *official* announcement.
After official announcement, some source code was changed.
I ended up with recompile and reinstall them all again.
So I want to do it at once.

How can I get notification via email that new release of pkgsrc is ready?
Like "watch" on GitHub or pull request or whatever it's called.


Gua Chung Lim
To live is to love.

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