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py-Pillow failure

I can't build py-Pillow out of the box. I am running NetBSD 7.1.0_PATCH and gcc version 4.8.5 (nb2 20150115). I saw this in the sources:

/* This is to work around a bug in GCC prior 4.9 in 64 bit mode.
   GCC generates code with partial dependency which is 3 times slower.
   See: */
#if defined(__x86_64__) && defined(__SSE__) && ! defined(__NO_INLINE__) && \
    ! defined(__clang__) && defined(GCC_VERSION) && (GCC_VERSION < 40900)
static float __attribute__((always_inline)) inline _i2f(int v) {
    float x;
    __asm__("xorps %0, %0; cvtsi2ss %1, %0" : "=X"(x) : "r"(v) );
    return x;
static float inline _i2f(int v) { return (float) v; }

If I delete all of that except for the line in the #else it compiles.

Is it possible that the bug is fixed in gcc 4.8.5? If not, is the actual speedup significant in real work?

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> IM:darcy%Vex.Net@localhost

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