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modular/pkgsrc Xorg on netbsd-8, -current i386 stuck in "fdclose"

I saw a thread a while ago describing how modular/pkgsrc Xorg wouldn't
start on i386 -current.  I'd observed this some time before then but
was more concerned with other matters at the time.

Indeed, the X server ('Xorg') from a modular/pkgsrc Xorg installation
doesn't start and 'top -nt' shows it to be stuck in "fdclose".

I've seen a similar problem with the 'uic' tool in "qt3-tools" and in
'mplayer' (pkg/52452).  Related observations were reported in this

which applies to native Xorg on i386 -current and -8.0_BETA as well.

I suspect the problem is similar (fail to mmap() "").  As the
stuck process is un-kill()-able, I'll have to reboot and try again.
This time, run it under 'ktruss' to verify the above assumption

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