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Re: sysutils/xenkernel4[68] build errors on NetBSD 7

On 17/07/2017 05:09, Gary Duzan wrote:
> mk/defaults/mk.conf:
>     252 PKGSRC_USE_SSP?= yes
> With this in place, cwrappers sets -fstack-protector, which conflicts
> with what the package wants. Manually removing it from
> work/.cwrapper/config/cc after the configure step or setting
> PKGSRC_USE_SSP=no in the Makefile allows the build to complete
> successfully.

This is a lot better, but seems to fail at the last for me, could be a
clang specific issue.

prelink.o: In function `xsm_default_action':
undefined reference to `__xsm_action_mismatch_detected'
relocation truncated to fit: R_X86_64_PC32 against undefined symbol
ld: /usr/obj/pkgsrc/sysutils/xenkernel48/work/xen-4.8.0/xen/.xen-syms.0:
hidden symbol `__xsm_action_mismatch_detected' isn't defined
ld: final link failed: Bad value
Makefile:124: recipe for target
'/usr/obj/pkgsrc/sysutils/xenkernel48/work/xen-4.8.0/xen/xen-syms' failed
gmake[3]: ***
[/usr/obj/pkgsrc/sysutils/xenkernel48/work/xen-4.8.0/xen/xen-syms] Error 1
gmake[3]: Leaving directory
Makefile:135: recipe for target
'/usr/obj/pkgsrc/sysutils/xenkernel48/work/xen-4.8.0/xen/xen' failed
gmake[2]: ***
[/usr/obj/pkgsrc/sysutils/xenkernel48/work/xen-4.8.0/xen/xen] Error 2
gmake[2]: Leaving directory
Makefile:45: recipe for target 'build' failed
gmake[1]: *** [build] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory
Makefile:50: recipe for target 'build-xen' failed
gmake: *** [build-xen] Error 2
*** Error code 2


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