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Re: sysutils/xenkernel4[68] build errors on NetBSD 7

In Message <>,

=>"Roy Marples" <> wrote:
=>=> I see the same on -current.
=>=> Are you using clang?
=>=> If so, have you tried gcc?
=>   No, I'm using gcc. The build looks like it is using
=>-fno-stack-protector, which should prevent this, but it seems that
=>cwrappers is putting it back. I'll look deeper when I get a chance.

   This appears to be the issue:

    252 PKGSRC_USE_SSP?= yes

With this in place, cwrappers sets -fstack-protector, which conflicts
with what the package wants. Manually removing it from
work/.cwrapper/config/cc after the configure step or setting
PKGSRC_USE_SSP=no in the Makefile allows the build to complete

				Gary Duzan

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