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Dillo, Netsurf and Otter browsers can't find SSL certificates

I recently installed, from category www, Dillo, Netsurf, Otter browser and Firefox.

All but Firefox are rendered nearly useless by inability to find SSL certificate, and I looked at the documentation and configuration options in vain.

Dillo. Netsurf and Otter browser stop on inability to find certificate and prompt user to accept or reject, continue or not continue.

Is there some hidden magic environment variable that works generally or on one application specifically?

I know there is GIT_SSL_CAINFO, but that is for git, I haven't tried this on any web browsers.

Firefox does not have this problem.

I never had this problem with Midori on FreeBSD and System Rescue CD, or Web Positive on Haiku R1A4 from November 2012.


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