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Re: math/octave bug

BTW, it would be nice if we could push this fix back to 2017Q[12] as well. It seems to be the only problem in those snapshots as well.



On 07/03/17 08:56, Jason Bacon wrote:

It's a table used by gettext for on-the-fly charset translations. If/how it's really utilized by octave, I don't know.

If removing it will adversely impact anyone, it shouldn't be too difficult to relocate it or rename it to resolve the conflict.

On 07/03/17 00:08, wrote:
I'm not sure what charset.alias is for, but I've been previously
suggested to delete it in post-install.
It came up in a similar context, with devel/gdb conflicting with
math/octave as they installed the same file.

I've used:

         ${RM} -f ${DESTDIR}/${PREFIX}/lib/charset.alias

I will amend octave to do this too (once I finish building qt and
possibly sleep before it completes)

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