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Re: heads up: netbsd and building with lang/gcc* packages


> Hi pkgsrc-users who are netbsd users who have chosen to build things
> with lang/gcc* packages.

> I've changed the lang/gcc{48,49,5,6,7} packages to create
> rather than this means a binary built with that compiler
> may fail with 'missing library'.
> I've done this because the libstdc++ that comes with netbsd is called
>, and before, both libraries would be used. libraries
> aren't built to support this usage, but I've not heard of suspicious
> failures.
> If you are seeing this, you will need to rebuild the package.
> being a compiler, you can technically build the entire tree with
> lang/gcc* compilers. or none of it, if your compiler is new enough.
> I've made it seem like firefox{,45,52} have had an update, so updates
> will rebuild those. they're the most common case of using a newer
> compiler on netbsd-7.

> all of the above is netbsd specific. there is no change for non-netbsd.

Does this apply to gcc-aux and gcc5-aux?  Does this mean that an already-built gcc-aux and gcc5-aux on NetBSD-current i386 will no longer work, or gcc-aux on NetBSD-current amd64 that was built in May 2015 at the time of NetBSD 7.99.15?

T tried to build gcc5-aux on amd64 last night, figuring I could keep the old gcc-aux from May 2015, but building gcc5-aux stopped in the middle, just hanging in the middle and requiring Ctrl-C to stop, but no reference to PCH.

Should I run "cvs up -dP" on the pkgsrc directory and try gcc5-aux again?  I am now building print/hplip on that computer.

I have never run pkgsrc on anything other than NetBSD.


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