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Re: Newly updated modular Xorg won't start

I don't really know what to quote here, but I tried some of the suggestions.

"Xorg -retro" as root had the same unsuccessful outcome.

To avoid moving a lot of stuff, which might be error-prone, I tried 

startx -- -config xorg.conf.null   and
startx /usr/pkg/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.icewm -- -config xorg.conf.null

where xorg.conf.null is a zero-byte file.

Result was the same.

I used same keyboard configuration from previous.

But my only use of the keyboard regarding X was the starting command.  Keyboard configuration within X would have no bearing when X fails to start, or so it seems to me.

I suspect if I build modular-xorg for amd64, I will get the same nonworking result.  That's what happened when I had that problem on NetBSD-6.99.? with native X.


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