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Importing UniMRCP to WIP | Building Problems

Hello everyone,

I've been trying to import UniMRCP to pkgsrc-wip project using a
FreeBSD-11 VM. In the process of understanding the source of the
package (though I should mention I'm not a developer and I'm
practically new to the pkgsrc) and by reading its documentation, I was
able to identify this package needs patched versions of Apache
Runtimes (APR & APR-Util) and Sofia-SIP. Of course, using
devel/{apr/apr-util/sofia-sip} depends for the sake of curiosity
didn't work, therefore I started evaluating and testing the bundled
depends and using them with the package. So far, I was able to
accomplish the following:

> Successfully installed Apache Runtimes packages to /usr/pkg/apr (custom prefix trying to avoid incompatibility with pkgsrc versions) using the pre-configure stage;
> Successfully passed the configure stage using previously mentioned bundled depends and appropriate configure arguments.

Here's the thing: when executing ${MAKE} from the build directory
(wip/unimrcp) the build stage fails to find APR headers even though I
had previously stated in the configure phase
--with-{apr/apr-util}=/path/to/apr. The header was installed in >>
/usr/pkg/apr/include/apr-1/apr_ring.h. Of course, I have defined the
compiler, preprocessor and linker flags:
-I${PREFIX}/apr/include/apr-1 (which is the path to the headers),
-L${PREFIX}/apr/lib, and so on.

When I run ${MAKE} in the working source (work/unimrcp/) the building
phase does find the headers properly. I have changed the flags
millions of time, run the configure with many different options and
hack the build using do-build but none of that worked. I'm thinking
maybe this package have some hard-coded variables thus while using the
pkgsrc framework it fails (?)

I was hoping a more experienced user could help me identify what am I
missing or where should I search for a possible solution. Thanks in
advance for any suggestion you could provide.


Angel M. Adames

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