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Re: Current status of pkg and synth in pkgsrc?

from Kamil Rytarowski:

> On 22.05.2017 10:27, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> > Kamil Rytarowski responded:

> >> The only user I'm aware of is

> > That makes me wonder about the future of synth, or for that matter pkg imported from FreeBSD to replace NetBSD native pkg-* tools.

> In this case it was an addition to use optionally 3rd party tools, not a
> general replacement.

> I don't expect that core pkgsrc developers will work on it, but we can
> accept patches to make it work better for those who care.

I suspect nobody in NetBSD except for jrmarino uses synth, and few if any use pkg imported from FreeBSD.

Anyway, I would like to see how synth works on its home turf, FreeBSD, before trying on NetBSD.

First attempt regarding synth was to build synth (and dependencies) from source in FreeBSD-current amd64.

I went to bed, and when I woke up to a bathroom call, saw on the screen something different.  After some thought, I recognized it as being from System Rescue CD 5.0.0, which I had installed to a USB stick.

I concluded that FreeBSD had crashed and rebooted, a system crash rather than FreeBSD ports as such.  Some packages installed, but not gcc6-aux and therefore not synth.


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