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Re: misc/libreoffice - spreadsheet/calc has no scroll bars!

			Hey Paul,

On 19/05/2017 08:21, Paul Goyette wrote:
Well, I updated all my packages again (mostly to pick up resolutions to
a lot of security issues).  Everything seems to have gone well, except
that I have no scroll bars on my spreadsheets!  I can use the Page-Up
and Page-Down keys, without any issue, and I can use the Home key to
return to column A.  But there's no scroll bar at all, neither vertical
nor horizontal.

A previous update (a couple months ago) had altered the scroll-bar
behavior, changing Click-Below-Thumb action from Page-Down to Move-Here
(and similar change for Click-Above-Thumb), but at least I had a scroll
bar.  Now it's totally gone.  :(

The default theme (and overall tendency) for Gtk+ 3 is to auto-hide the scrollbars away and show them only when hovering close to the border of the window. Perhaps that's the issue you have?

FWIW with the default theme on Ubuntu they even went as far as showing the scrollbars only when hovering slightly *outside* of the window. For a distribution that's targeting newcomers and non-tech savvy users that's a terrible choice. Let alone people with slight difficulties with pointer motion (laptops anyone? respect for the elderly?) and the perspective is even worse. Still not the year of the Linux desktop, and it starts there.

My $0.02,

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