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How to become a committer to pkgsrc?

Hi, everyone!

I've been using pkgsrc for long time. On my desktop and personal server under DragonFly BSD, on my laptops under Mac OS and Linux. Sometimes when I miss something in pkgsrc, I create packages and submit them to wip (not very often, but it happens). Currently I am listed as maintainer in 7 Makefile (3 in main pkgsrc + 4 in wip), but I am not a committer to pkgsrc (only to wip),
these 3 packages were moved from wip at some point.

$ find . -name Makefile | xargs grep

So now I'm thinking maybe I it would make thinks easier if I were a committer? How do I qualify for that? Do I have to follow the release process other than by reading pkgsrc-users? And in general what is the procedure?

Aleksej Lebedev

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