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Want both amarok and mp4art

Hi folks,

I'd like to have both amarok and a program called mp4art installed at
the same time.  This is on NetBSD 7 on amd64 with pkgsrc-2017Q1.

In years gone by (my main NetBSD box is quite a little bit out of
date!), amarok required libmp4v2 and mp4art was installed as part
of mpeg4ip.

Nowadays, amarok still requires libmp4v2 but mpeg4ip can't be installed
at the same time as libmp4v2 as both want to have a and
/usr/pkg/include/mp4.h installed.  Another package (mp4v2) also has
an mp4art but it has a CONFLICTS with both the mpeg4ip and libmp4v2
packages in it's pkg Makefile.

As far as I can tell, libmp4v2, mpeg4ip, and mp4v2 are all pretty much
just different versions of the same mpeg4 library.

My current workaround it to build mpeg4ip, statically linking the
mpeg4ip libraries to mp4art and copying the resultant binary somewhere.
Not the best!!

There is a "utils" directory in libmp4v2 which contains the same
programs, including mp4art, as mpeg4ip.  One idea I can think of but
don't have the pkgsrc skills to do is to add a "libmp4v2-utils" package
that just builds and installs those programs, but depends on the
libmp4v2 package for the library bits.  Another idea is to make amarok
also work with either mpeg4ip or mp4v2.

Help!  Any ideas?

Please include me on replies, I'm not subscribed to this list.


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