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Re: PSA: gst-plugins-bad writes:

> I learned the meaning of categories of gstreamer plugins (good, bad,
> evil). I think it's not obvious and worth a metion.

In general, I really like having DESCR explain this sort of thing.  I
just looked and it seems to, but maybe that's because you recently fixed

> good: good license, no patent issues, go for it
> bad: bad code / no maintainer etc.
> ugly: probably patent issues
> If you can't notice the absence of gst-plugins-bad, it may be a good
> idea to avoid adding it as a dependency.*

Generally, we try to avoid troublesome dependencies.  But I realize it
can be a tough call.

> There was some mention of e.g. file browsers wanting to display a
> thumbnail of videos and using gstreamer plugins, so having the
> risky plugin can pose a real risk to a user.

> Also, I think they can be installed afterwards and 'just work', but did
> not test.
> * this sounds weird because they are not actual dependencies, you can
>   use the package without them, but a video player unable to play videos
>   is very weird!

If they really are plugins, that's great, because it means that binary
packages can be built and people can install what they want.

In cases like this, I would lean to having the core apps only depend on
safe things (maintained Free software without serious patent issues),
and to have an extra meta-package that depends on a larger set, if that
seems useful.

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