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Re: Problem building libnotify

The problem is not in the libnotify, I have faced it before
the problem is in the gobject-introspection, that is a PYTHON program
that cores dump at some point in the libgthread..

This only happens in the HEAD version of NetBSD,
so I switched to 7.1 and the problem disappers...

if you look at the dump core file you see that the python somehow corrupts
the return stack of libgthread that depends on pthread...  so the problem resides
in the phtread libgthread logic... not on the Python or gobject-introspection compiler.
I was unable to trace the problem... 

The problem does not happens only on libnotify, I was trying to build MATE desktop (meta-pkgs/mate)
and the problem happens in various modules during the build process... that is: if you build few
modules, it works, until there are a lot of modules to be searched by the introspection python compiler
than the program aborts... dumps core and are unable to compile any introspection data any more.
if you remove some packages, and some introspection data, it works, but as the introspection data
increases, it again dumps core.

A built on  6.1.5-PATCH or 7.1_RC2  does succeed...  I am using  NetBSD 7.1_RC2 on i386.

I think some libc or libgthread (in the base system)  guru is needed...

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