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Re: Problem building libnotify

OK, I think the answer lies in here someplace but I’m not knowledgable in how to track it down.  This is what I did:

On a clean system with 7.99.66 installed and without any packages installed I did a build of meta-pkgs/xfce4. This is without PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=36 set.  It gets to the point where libNofify seg faults during build.  The core file indicates the problem is in libgthread.

At that point I put PYTHON_VERSION_DEVAULT=36 into mk.conf and build lang/python36.  It succeeds.

I then attempt to continue the build of meta-pkgs/xfce4 and it errors out in the build of libNotify, but since this appears to happen while running gobject-introspection I do a “pkgin remove gobject-introspection” and restart the build of meta-pkgs/xfce4.  It now seg faults in the build of gobject-introspection (which at this point is now using python36 not python27).

So it appears to me there is some sort of interaction in python and gobject-introspection that is causing the problem.  With python27 the build of gobject-introspection is successful but it then dies trying to build libNotify.  With python36 installed on top of the install of python27 the build of libNotify still dies using gobject-introspection and attempting to rebuild object-introspection fails with a seg fault.


On Apr 2, 2017, at 5:58 PM, Patrick Welche <> wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 02, 2017 at 05:51:33PM -0500, Robert Nestor wrote:
>> I just figured out how to get a backtrace from the core file.  The python2.7 core file is showing a Seg fault that looks like it?s coming from  I have no idea what is producing the core file for Notify-0.7 or how to get a backtrace out of it.
>> I?ll try with the change to mk.conf.  Probably should go back and rebuild libgthread with this option too, eh?
> The V=1change to mk.conf will just print out all the commands, so
> the line it is falling over one will give us a smaller test case.
> (So no need to rebuild libgthread)
> Unfortunately you got my guess of gthread. I only ever saw such a coredump
> when the svg loader of pixbuf was breaking and never got to the bottom of
> it. At least this time we can play spot the difference given a working and
> a broken system.
> FWIW I have PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=36 in my mk.conf, but I don't
> think that will change much...
> Cheers,
> Patrick
> (probably going to sleep now...)

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