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Re: bootstrapping on an older NetBSD without breaking existing installed pkgs?

Carl Brewer <> writes:

>> I would take it to NetBSD 7, if that works, but would probably go to 6
>> first.   For each upgrade hop, you should boot the kernel and validate
>> that things work ok.   Everything should be ok except for firewalling
>> (may need matching user/kernel) and X11.
> Thank you Greg, this is long-term what I need to do, for sure.  The
> server doesn't run anything that's graphical, so the X11 stuff doesn't
> bother me :)

Then it should be very easy.  If the new kernel boots, then after you
upgrade userland it will be ok.  One nit is that a NetBSD 7 kernel that
tries to load firmware into a graphics card will fail to boot if it
can't find the firmware, and firmware has moved.  You can work around
this by disabling radeondrm or something like that in userconf.  Or put
the netbsd-7 firmware in place.

> I did have a tentative stab at this not that long ago, but got lost in
> a mess of /etc changes that were taking too long for me to sort out at
> the time, so I just backed out and figured I'd try again later.  Now,
> is later, I guess!

Yes, but you have to figure that out eventually.
pkgsrc/sysutils/etcmanage is my approach.  It's hard to get started, but
then works very well.  You register the files in /etc that don't have
local changes, and then etcmanage will update the ones that are in
automatic mode.

>> The pkgin option is going to be far less trouble.   You'll learn more
>> the other way :-)
> In the past I've just run a cvs up on the source tree for pkgsrc every
> few weeks, run pkglint to see what's out of sync that I think was
> important, and then make && make update.  It's been 99.9% effective
> for a decade or more with my use pattern.

Then you should try pkg_rolling-replace, which basically runs pkg_chk
(which I think is what you meant) and then tsorts the packages and runs
make replace on any that need updating.  When a package is replaced,
depending packages are marked as needing updating. 

> I'm not even sure of what pkgin or pkg_rolling-replace even are. Time
> to RTFM :)

They both even have man pages!

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