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Re: Current status of synth in pkgsrc?

from Thomas Klausner and my previous post:

> > So synth for NetBSD with pkgsrc exists no more?  Do I stay with pkg_rolling-replace?

> It exists where it existed before -- in marino's overlay of pkgsrc:


Thanks for info!

I guess I only need to go into root directory and
git clone
and I will get /pkgsrc-synth directory.

I just did (from FreeBSD): much faster with git than cvs co or cvs up -dP.

I suppose this is the same as regular pkgsrc except for the addition of synth?

I read nothing on this list or tech-pkg about other people's experience with synth.  

I would also try on FreeBSD.  There has been correspondence on regarding synth and comparison to poudriere, portupgrade and portmaster.


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