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pkg_comp 2.0 is here

Hello pkgsrc users,

After many years in the making (and many years without writing to this
list!), I have finally been able to work on the final touches of
pkg_comp 2.0 and publish it. The highlights are portability to various
systems, including NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, and macOS; use of pbulk to
drive the (re)build of packages; and an easier to extend codebase.

You can find the updated version in pkgtools/pkg_comp and a more
detailed announcement at:

You should also check out pkgtools/pkg_comp-cron if you would like to
keep your packages up-to-date on a periodic basis, as I like to do. I
intend to publish a tutorial on this topic soon, both for NetBSD and
for macOS (which are the two platforms I most care about for this
tool), so if you can't make your way through the manual pages, don't
despair yet.

The upstream code and bug tracker lives in:

I am aware that there are many rough edges in the new release and that
it does not have feature parity with pkg_comp 1.x... but I really had
to get the first release out there to clear my mind. Do not hesitate
to file bugs for any issues you encounter.

Note that pkg_comp 1.x is still available under pkgtools/pkg_comp1 if
you need it and I don't plan on removing it.


Julio Merino --

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