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Re: /bin/pwd defaults (Re: devel/gobject-introspection build can't find 'glib/gmacros.h')

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

>> I'm not sure what typical means, but there have been multiple reports of
>> trouble.  bash doesn't set $PWD to `/bin/pwd -P` and it seems other
>> shells don't either.  Arguably this is POSIX's fault for specifying -L
>> as the default /bin/pwd behavior.
> The far more typical case AFAICT is ${PREFIX} or ${WRKOBJDIR} pointing
> to a symlink or having one in the path, especially for things under
> /tmp.

Sure, that sounds reasonably frequent too.  My point is that right now
we get mysterious failures in cases that I consider reasonably common.

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