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Re: x11/gtk3: build failure in GISCAN "undefined symbol: gdk_event_sequence_get_type"

Matthias Ferdinand <>

> thank you! that was the exact reason. I was using pkg_rolling-replace,
> and an older one already existed (also pkgsrc)
>     #define GDK_MAJOR_VERSION (3)
>     #define GDK_MINOR_VERSION (10)
>     #define GDK_MICRO_VERSION (7)
> Solution: bmake update
> old version removed, GISCAN finds the right headers in the build
> directory, build succeeds. 
> Maybe build directory should be first in the header search path.

Definitely this is a bug in the pkg that failed; installed headers from
the previous version of the package should not be looked at.   This is
likely to be an upstream bug; I've seen similar issues outside of pkgsrc
when building from svn/git with a release installed.

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