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Re: pbulk on OS X fails on first package with permission denied

On 3/13/15 10:18 AM, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> Hello, All.
> I'm trying to set up a bulk build of pkgsrc-2014Q4 on OS X Yosemite
> using pbulk, but the build fails on the very first package with lots
> and lots of errors like the following:

Well, it seems I must have messed something up in the process of getting
this all set up.  I found a few things that I configured incorrectly,
etc.  I tried again, and it works now.  So, thank you to Jonathan
Perkin for an excellent blog post, and thank you to Alistair Crooks for
mksandbox and Joerg Sonnenberger for pbulk!

Sorry for the noise,


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