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   I installed minicom and lszrz in order to upload some firmware to a
system using xmodem.  When I attempt to start the transfer lsx tells me
that the program was never intended to run as setuid, and terminates.

   I encountered this problem a long time ago, and I recall that it took
some time to understand what the problem was and working around it.  And
I also remember that the firmware upload was a little flaky, which made
the while ordeal far more time-consuming than it should have been.

   So to hopefully save time, this time I'll try asking:  Anyone know
what the problem is?  The lsx binary doesn't have setuid, but according
to a ports PR the problem is that the executable actually needs setuid
(contrary to what the error message says?).  I tried that but it didn't
change anything (which is in line with what little I recall from last
time when I got it working).

   NetBSD/amd64 -6

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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