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is there a way???

Supose that I am working on a LARGE package, libreoffice for example
that takes several hours to compile...

Than I want to change some logic in the install phase., so I do:
make stage-install

Ok the package is in the work/.destdir.
Now I change some files in the Makefile target (editing the post-install, for example)
than I must re-create the files in  work/.destdir, the work/PLIST*, work/.packages work/.pkgdb

Is there a way to recreate these files/directories without rebuild the package? (make clean...)

If I remove work/.destdir work/.install_done work/.PLIST*
and than... make stage-install it rebuilds those directories but DO NOT create work/.packages and work/.pkgdb

Is there a solution ???

Thanks in advance...

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