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Build more than one version of package with pbulk


Is it possible to make pbulk build multiple versions of a package?

For example, I'd like to build devel/py-readline for Python 2.7 *and*
3.4.  To do this by hand outside of pbulk, I invoke make twice, each
time with PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT set to the version I want:

$ cd devel/py-readline
$ make PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=27 install clean clean-depends
$ make PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT=34 install clean clean-depends
$ pkg_info | egrep 'py.+-readline'
py27-readline-2.7.9 Line editing support for Python
py34-readline-3.4.2 Line editing support for Python

(I'm also interested in hearing if there's a better way to do this by

Thank you!


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