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Re: ap mod_secure

Matthias Scheler <> writes:

> On Sun, Mar 08, 2015 at 02:20:34PM -0400, el kalin wrote:
>> i have an apache 2.4 build from prksrc on an netbsd 6.0 and now trying to
>> add mod_secure to it. every time i try to add it via pkg_add or make
>> install i get:
>> "A different version of apache-2.2.27 is already installed: apache-2.4.3nb1"
>> how does that make sense?
> The "ap-modsecure" package doesn't support Apache 2.4.x because
> "mod_secure" version 1.x doesn't compile with that version of Apache.
> As a result it automatically pulls in apache-2.2.27 as a dependence
> because apache-2.4.3nb1 cannot be used. But you cannot install those
> two apache packages at the same time.

I improved DESCR for these.  (In general, I think DESCR should contain
not only upstream's 3-sentence marketing blurb, but also hints about
usability and how to choose among multiple versions.)

Two questions come to mind:

  if the selected apache is not in the acceptable list, perhaps packages
  should just fail outright

  ap-modsecure seems old and therefore likely unmaintained by upstream.
  Should it remain?

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