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Re: audio/pulseaudio OS X configure patch

Mansour Moufid <> writes:

> Yes the PulseAudio configure script sets a default path for an old SDK
> without checking if it exists, in
>     AC_ARG_WITH(mac-version-min,
>         AS_HELP_STRING([--with-mac-version-min=<version>], ...
>         mac_version_min=$withval, mac_version_min="10.5")
>     AC_ARG_WITH(mac-sysroot,
>         AS_HELP_STRING([--with-mac-sysroot=<path>], ...
>         mac_sysroot=$withval, mac_sysroot=".../MacOSX10.5.sdk")
> The proper solution is to remove the fourth argument of AC_ARG_WITH.
> Patching the Makefile seemed like less work at the time but I'll send
> a patch for in a following message.

Perhaps the right solution is to totally get rid of the mac sysroot
stanzas.  In pkgsrc, the wrapper scripts should take care of this, and
fairly clearly do so for almost all programs (because they build!)

> I've only seen PulseAudio need these options set explicity.  Other
> packages do this automatically based on the host triplet and maybe
> SDKROOT if it's set.

So you are saying this is built into autoconf defaults?

>> Possibly related, I find that on a 10.9 system, xcrun --show-sdk-version
>> shows 10.10, unless I force SDKROOT=macosx10.9 in the environment.  That
>> just feels like a mac bug.
> Yes xcrun will depend on SDKROOT unless an --sdk option is given.

What I meant is that if you build on a 10.9 mac, then by default you get
binaries that work on 10.10 and not on 10.9.  To get binaries you can
run you have to give a non-default option.  That seems broken (of the
mac, not about pkgsrc); obviously the default behavior should result in
programs that can be run on the build system.

> I have SDKROOT set in mk.conf.  Maybe the bootstrap script could set
> it automatically, with the output of  xcodebuild -sdk -version.

It might be a good idea to work around this in bootstrap.  The trick
would be to see what versions of the SDK are available and the current
OS version, and find the sdk version that matches.  But I think this is
a separable issue from the build problem you are reporting.

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