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Re: audio/pulseaudio OS X configure patch

On 2/2/15 7:40 PM, Mansour Moufid wrote:
> Hello,
> If you build PulseAudio on OS X, you need to set the configure options
> --with-mac-version-min and --with-mac-sysroot.  This is already done
> for OS X 10.6 in the Makefile.
> The following patch sets these options for OS X 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10,


I'm glad for a patch to make PulseAudio work on OS X!  One thing,
though, is that I wish this could be made to work for any version of OS
X greater than or equal to 10.8.  With the current patch, when 10.11
rolls around, it will break again.  Why not make the change for any
version of OS X >= 10.8?



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