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Re: How bypass DISTFILES

Thank you Greg.

Hi, I'm using NetBSD 6.1.5 on amd64 (VPS)

Download git from master site and put in the /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles is
the quick method and it work, whenever I'm doing a basic tutorial for
beginners in my website and need explain this issue.

Thanks for the solution in /etc/mk.conf it work fine, and thinking in
use pkgsrc stable (pkgsrc-2014Q4).


On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 11:50 AM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> "Francisco Valladolid H." <> writes:
>> How can say to pkgsrc that bypass the 'distfiles' check and go
>> directly to master site ?
>> I have problems compiling git from pkgsrc -current, git-2.3.0 don't
>> exists in the distfiles repository in the NetBSD ftp.
> There are multiple separate issues and I'm not sure which one you have
> having.
> 1) One is that some versions of netbsd's builtin ftp do not support https,
> and thus fetching fails.  You can set FETCH_USING=curl in mk.conf in
> this case.
> 2) Sometimes the upstream place doesn't have the file, but it should try
> that first and use MASTER_SITES_BACKUP last.
> 3) somtimes the distfile is ok but has a different checksum.  Sometimes
> this is because the checksum is wrong, and sometimes because upstream
> made a new file with the same name and different contents (which is bad,
> but it happens).
> So you can delete /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/git* to start over, and see
> which problem you have.  You can also download it manually and put it in
> /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles; there's nothing magic about how the file gets
> there.
> In my case I get
> => Fetching git-2.3.0.tar.xz
> => Total size: 3608648 bytes
> Trying 2001:4f8:1:10:0:1991:8:25:443 ...
> Requesting
> 100% |**************************************************************************************************************************|  3524 KiB  340.42 KiB/s    00:00 ETA
> 3608648 bytes retrieved in 00:10 (340.41 KiB/s)
> => Checksum SHA1 OK for git-2.3.0.tar.xz
> => Checksum RMD160 OK for git-2.3.0.tar.xz
> which all looks ok.

Francisco Valladolid H.
 -- - Jesus Christ follower.

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