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Re: Why is www/midori kept on old version 0.4.9?

from Ottavio Caruso:

> Check one of my previous posts on this list about Midori segfaulting (
> a bug report should also be there). You might have to load
> dependencies from wip/.
> Let us know if and how it worked.

I could copy www/midori to a new pkgsrc directory, mystuff, since I don't have midori installed on NetBSD, and make changes on my copy while leaving the pkgsrc original untouched.

That way, I avoid getting in the way of pkgsrc updates.

But I don't know when I'll get to it with other projects taking priority, relating to FreeBSD, Linux and Haiku.

I want to rebuild FreeBSD, updating src and ports trees using svn in NetBSD, and see if new versions of re (Ethernet) and rsu (USB wi-fi) work on this system.


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