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Re: Why is www/midori kept on old version 0.4.9?

On 25 November 2014 at 03:19, Thomas Mueller <> wrote:
> I see on browsing the changes in pkgsrc

> www/midori
> Updated www/midori to 0.4.9nb17 [wiz 2014-11-24]

> But midori is up to 0.5.9

> Curiosity gets the better of me on why pkgsrc keeps updating an old version.

Ottavio Caruso responded:

> Even the 0.5.x branch is not that new. The timestamp is 17-May-2013 .

> It doesn't seem midori is getting much attention upstream.

> You can always try and hack the Makefile to point to the newer
> binaries and see if they compile.

I believe midori 0.5.9 is rather new, noticed it first on .

That is for FreeBSD ports, from which I built midori 0.5.8 largely to compare to 0.5.5 on System Rescue CD.

I could look at the Makefiles for both pkgsrc and FreeBSD ports if I would try to build 0.5.9 for NetBSD.


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