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thunderbird compilation error


mail/thunderbird in pkgsrc-current fails to compile for me on
7.99.1/amd64, both with gcc and clang.

The gcc error message is:

../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `JS::WeakMapPtr<JSObject*, JSObject*>::lookup(JSObject* const&)'
../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `JS::WeakMapPtr<JSObject*, JSObject*>::put(JSContext*, JSObject* const&, JSObject* const&)'
../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `JS::WeakMapPtr<JSObject*, JSObject*>::trace(JSTracer*)'
../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `JS::WeakMapPtr<JSObject*, JSObject*>::init(JSContext*)'
../../dist/bin/ undefined reference to `JS::WeakMapPtr<JSObject*, JSObject*>::destroy()'

The clang one is similar but more mangled.


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