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Modularized gnuradio-* as ham/gnuradio-*

Now I've committed Modularized GNU Radio (3.7.5) to wip.
(Let me quote the commit log for gnuradio{,-core}-3.7.5/Makefile)
-- Some corrections and adding some details included --

1. By using ENABLE_GR_xxx cmake variable, split gnuradio into small
modules.  Aside from that, gnuradio-default is prepared to build with
upstream default(ENABLE_DEFAULT=True).  This -default is for the
refererence to see if meta-pkgs/gnuradio covers with its -default version

2. There are PLIST overwraps if just using ENABLE_GR_xxx variables.
One is between all the modules and gnuradio-core. The others are between
gnuradio-atsc and gnuradio-fec, and between -trellis and -digital.
Those combination sound natural, because former depends the latter
(But latter alone can be packaged).

The work around of above problem is that
at post-install: target (in gnuradio-core/ I have
following line:  
        ${RM} -f `cat ${WRKDIR}/.PLIST.minus`

To check the consistency over various PLIST's, perl script 
check-PLIST-overwrap is at gnuradio-core/files. This is only for
PKG_DEVELOPERS. Use -h for usage.  Overwaps and Missing (with -m from
gnuradio-default) of PLIST's will be shown by this (no new is good news).

3. Common stuff, Makefile.version, Makefile.common, distinfo, patches
are moved from meta-pkgs to gnuradio-core. I believe it is natural location.

4. For now, NetBSD/amd64 6.1_stable pbulk build runs fine.
(took some 5 to 6 hours to complete gnuradio + gnuradio-default
for now on core-i7 quad core host). -- parallel build is not utilized yet.
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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