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Re: pkgsrc is now frozen for major changes

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 11:13:49AM +0200, Thomas Orgis wrote:
> Newbie question: Should I get some notice on my problem reports
> (pkg/49079 and pkg/49080) when something is done to integrate fixes? I
> don't have the picture yet on reaction times to expect, how much
> humanpower is available at all, etc.

When a commit is done referencing a PR, it is automatically attached
to the PR and you'll get email.

> There will be more problem reports in the future as I push the patches
> I do to sort things out on my site. Of course I'd like the stuff to
> sometime turn up in the official pkgsrc. I'm quite proud of myself that
> I just was brave enough to fix up geography/gdal-lib with HDF4 and bump
> the version 1.11.0, being successful at that, too;-)


> Well, actually I'm more proud of finally having beat wxGTK30 into
> submission to build on this SLES 11.3 box. That might be more
> interesting for the general public as I gather wxGTK30 might turn up in
> a release for the first time soon. Would someone be interested in the
> changes to that right now (hint: I had to ditch the libtool patch to
> make it work at all)?

Hint: Ditching the libtool patch will most probably not be accepted as
solution :)

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