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Re: netbsd-5 switched to modular xorg

from Greg Troxel and my previous message:

> "Thomas Mueller" <> writes:

> > I've been under the impression, right or wrong, that NetBSD i386 and
> > amd64 use native xorg by default.

> Before my change, 5 and up.  Now, 6 and up.  Lower uses modular xorg.

> > What happens if I build NetBSD from source including xsrc but don't specify 
> > X11_TYPE?

> you get xsrc built.  X11_TYPE is only about pkgsrc.

> > Or should I not include xsrc?

> you can if you want, partially becuase you can run native servers with
> modular clients.

> > I am now concerned only with NetBSD releng-7 and HEAD, not doing anything 
> > further with 5 and 6.

> with 7 and head, native xorg is fine and there is no reason to set
> X11_TYPE=modular (that I know of)

Thanks for letting me know!

I switched back from modular Xorg to native on NetBSD 7 and HEAD after being 
unable to startx (modular) because it couldn't find display.

Also, NetBSD-current amd64 (6.99.44) USB-stick installation became corrupted, 
apparently bad sectors on the USB stick (overstressed?)

Maybe native xorg is better integrated with NetBSD?

Now NetBSD-current amd64 (7.99.1) seems functional albeit inelegant.  Native 
Xorg starts but mouse is dead; I use surrogate mouse (mousekeys) from xkbset.  
I even have (Mozilla) Seamonkey working albeit somewhat crash-prone.

But good enough to get on to other things on my agenda relating to FreeBSD, 
Haiku and Linux toolchains which take higher priority now after excessive 


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