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Re: netbsd-5 switched to modular xorg

from Greg Troxel:

> NetBSD 5 systems will now get modular xorg by default.

> On all systems other than netbsd-5, there is no change.

> If you are building from source, and you set X11_TYPE=modular so things
> would build, you don't need to do anything, and you can remove that
> setting.

> If you are building from source and are using native X (no setting, or
> =native), you can either set X11_TYPE=native to stay that way, or
> rebuild everything that depends on X11.

> If you are using binary packages, then the upcoming 2014Q3 binaries for
> netbsd-5 will be built against modular xorg.  This may require a bit
> more of a binary update with pkgin/nih than is typical.  On the plus
> side, there should be about 1500 more packages available than in Q2.

> X servers running from /usr/X11R7 will be unaffected by this.  The base
> system xterm and so on will also work fine, using the base libs.  I've
> been running a system this way for over a year, with no issues traceable
> to X11_TYPE=modular.

I've been under the impression, right or wrong, that NetBSD i386 and amd64 use 
native xorg by default.

Is that wrong (and for how long)?

What happens if I build NetBSD from source including xsrc but don't specify 

Or should I not include xsrc?

I am now concerned only with NetBSD releng-7 and HEAD, not doing anything 
further with 5 and 6.


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