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Re: Fixes for built-in Java on Darwin

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> That's right; as of Mac OS X Lion (10.7), Java is no longer included.  I
> haven't tried the pkgsrc version lately.  I tried it a few years ago, it
> failed to build, and I gave up.  My working impression since then has
> been that OpenJDK is not well-supported on Mac OS X.  I could certainly
> be wrong, though.  In fact, I hope I'm wrong!  But I haven't revisited
> it; I've just used the Oracle distribution since I knew that worked.

So if someone speaks up and says "building openjdk from source on mac
works great", we can talk about switching,  but until then expecting a
binary install of the oracle jdk is probably the best bet for most users
(as much as I would prefer to point to Free software).

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