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Re: Fix for mail/notmuch to add BUILD_DEPENDS emacs>=24.0

On 8/15/14, 4:36 PM, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> I think it only uses emacs when it finds it.

I see.  Then the problem is that, unfortunately, it finds it on my
system and fails because it's too old.  So, are you suggesting that,
really, upstream's Autoconf configure should be changed to look for a
minimum emacs version?

>> Comments?  Would a developer be willing to commit this patch?
> Have you tried it both with the option on and off? I'd expect some
> .elc files to be installed with emacs being pulled in.

Yes, I've tried it with the option on and off.  With the option on, it
installs .el files and one .png file under share/emacs/site-lisp; this
is the behavior right now without my patch.  With the option off, those
.el files and the .png file are not installed.


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