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Re: Fix for mail/notmuch to add BUILD_DEPENDS emacs>=24.0

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 04:33:24PM -0500, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
> There are two problems: mail/notmuch does not declare a build dependency
> on emacs even though it uses emacs, and mail/notmuch requires a minimum
> version of emacs (in my case, a version newer than the system version
> of emacs in Mac OS X Mavericks).  (I did not investigate the minimum
> version requirement other than trying editors/emacs24-nox11 and noting
> that the build succeeds with it as a build dependency.)

I think it only uses emacs when it finds it.

> I propose the attached patch to fix this problem.  It adds an option,
> notmuch-emacs, that is enabled by default for backward compatibility,
> that allows the user to build Notmuch without the Emacs email client
> (e.g. "-notmuch-emacs").  If the option is turned on, the default,
> the build dependency on editors/emacs is correctly added and the
> Notmuch Emacs email client is built.  If the option is turned off,
> the editors/emacs build dependency is eliminated, thus avoiding
> unnecessarily pulling in editors/emacs for users that don't intend to
> use the Emacs email client, and the Emacs email client is not built.
> Comments?  Would a developer be willing to commit this patch?

Have you tried it both with the option on and off? I'd expect some
.elc files to be installed with emacs being pulled in.

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