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Re: Firefox 31: problems with yahoo and gmail

On 8/11/14, 3:06 PM, Gerard Lally wrote:
> Hi Lewis,
> I agree with what you say, and I don't mean to be heavy-handed, but the
> NetBSD and pkgsrc developer pool is limited, so I don't think people
> should make a habit of expressing mild annoyance or surprise as a way of
> putting pressure on developers and other users to solve their particular
> problem.
> We all have problems with NetBSD, and it is often tempting to post here
> asking why more people have not solved the problems that concern just us,
> but this attitude is wholly lacking in respect towards the limited pool
> of developers, and towards those users who have different priorities. I
> certainly don't have a problem with users trying to get their problems
> solved here, for desktop or server use; what I do have a problem with is
> some users trying to expedite the process for their own benefit, to the
> detriment of other users, and in a way which only adds to developer
> frustration and burnout. It should be remembered browsers are a moving
> target these days and it is not easy to keep up with them. It should
> also be remembered that NetBSD 7 was branched today and I'm sure
> developers were preoccupied with getting other affairs in order, even
> though one of the regular committers was still kind enough to reply to
> Ottavio's question.

Hi, Gerard.

I see what you're saying.  I agree.



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