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Re: Firefox 31: problems with yahoo and gmail

At date and time Mon, 11 Aug 2014 11:23:26 +0200, Ottavio Caruso wrote:

> I also wonder if I am the only one using Firefox on Netbsd, because
> the only questions about FF are mine.

Many users, myself included, prefer not to use X on NetBSD, never mind
Firefox, so we're not in a position to answer your questions about
NetBSD as a desktop. For us, there are many alternatives if we want a
full-fat desktop, indeed too many if you ask me. NetBSD is one of very
few genuinely lightweight Unix-like operating systems still available.
Please don't assume yours is the only, or even predominant, NetBSD usage
scenario, by constantly expressing surprise that nobody has answered
your various Firefox questions. Some if not most of us have absolutely
no interest in polluting our NetBSD boxes with heavyweight desktop
environments and browsers, and thus we're in no position to help you on
that score. Needless to say that does not mean we are "lesser" users of

Gerard Lally

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