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Re: Installing and using pkgsrc with external compiler (in HPC environment) ... library path troubles.

I use pkgsrc extensively for HPC and developed a script for automatically bootstrapping multiple trees on the same system. This way, I can sunset an entire tree when it's packages start getting out of date while gradually migrating users to a newer tree. It's well tested on CentOS and OS X and the latest stable version is always available here:

I have used it with external compilers on RHEL. The only requirement is that the same compiler is first in your PATH during bootstrap and package building.

Note: I don't recommend using an external compiler on OS X at this time. A lot of software has upstream bugs, assuming Xcode extensions and quirks based on `uname`. The pkgsrc base made the same assumption until recently, but even since eliminating that, I've run into too many issues to justify the benefit, so I stick with Xcode and pre-built gfortran packages, which the script will install automatically.



On 07/31/14 19:06, OBATA Akio wrote:
On Thu, 31 Jul 2014 22:07:06 +0900, Thomas Orgis
<> wrote:

LDFLAGS+= -Wl,-R /sw/compilers/gcc-4.8.2/lib64 -Wl,-R

A space between '-R' and a path should be replaced with ',', or removed.

  Jason W. Bacon

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