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Re: startx doesn't start: can't find screens

> How about trying -current/amd64's DRMKMS kernel?                              

> Cheers,                                                                       

> Patrick     

Yes, I tried DRMKMS kernel for both amd64 and i386, had no effect on 
startability of X, still found no screens.  DRMKMS is a lot like FreeBSD's 
(-current and 10.0-STABLE) newcons.

> Does 'pkg_rolling-replace' produce in practice the same results as            
> 'pkgin full-upgrade' when using binary repositories?                          
> There's a thread of me getting a broken system using that command.            
> Isn't it always a dangerous option to replace all packages at once?           
> Ottavio  

Copy-and-paste in newcons adds gratuitous double-spacing, can't test that in 
NetBSD with DRMKMS if copy-and-paste doesn't work at all.

I like FreeBSD ports' portmaster or portupgrade much better than 


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