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Re: Xfce desktop


I had icon problems when I was using /meta-pkgs/xfce4  version 4.6.1

And I tried to install Xfburn-0.4.2 from source with ./configure
--prefix=/usr  and the icons of Xfburn didn't work. When I tried to change
the configure to ./configure --prefix=/usr/pkg  then the icons of Xfburn

I don't know if this can help the icon problem with Xfce 4.10

Best regards

> On Wed, 25 Jun 2014 14:21:08 +0200
> wrote:
>> Hi
>> When does the Xfce desktop get updated to version 4.8 or higher?
>> Best regards
>> Freddy
> There is one person who as tried to fix Xfce 4.10 with pkgsrc.
> You can find his work at .
> I tried this some time ago and got it to work except that it did not
> display icons correctly. It does install xfce4 packages from the main
> pkgsrc causing conflicts. I have forked the above mentioned repo and
> tried to fix the buildlink files so that they don't install xfce4
> packages from the main tree. You can find that repo at
> .
> If someone can fix the icon problem I guess it is almost finished.
> Best regards
> Niclas

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