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Re: What happens if I mix pkgin binaries with pkgsrc-current?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> I am quite happy with using pkgin and installing ready made binaries
> from the latest stable branch. I am only running a simple desktop
> environment and I have limited expectations.
> However, every now and again I woukd like to install bleeding edge
> packages compiled from the -current release, for example now I'd like
> to install Firefox 29 and I don't want to wait for the next quarter.
> What could go possibly wrong if I keep the bulk of my packages from
> the stable branch and then tried to compile a new package from
> -current?
> Dependency hell? Broken system? Package management conflict?

A fair bit can go wrong, but it can often work.

pkgin seems to have trouble when packages are installed that are not in
its database of available packages.    I have tried to address this
(perhaps successfully) by creating a local summary file

  pkgsum () { (cd /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All && pkg_info -X *gz | bzip2 > 
pkg_summary.bz2) }

and then putting that in pkgin.conf (first, which is important):

  # file:///usr/pkgsrc/packages/All

  # NetBSD OS release can look like 6.0_STABLE, do not use it as-is$arch/6.1/All

If this succeeds, then you've reduced your problems to just mixing
quarterly and current pkgsrc.

If you update (make replace, presumably) something like firefox, and
it's ok with the older versions of the libraries it needs, that should
be ok.  But you may run into a situation where while the firefox package
doesn't really need a newer gtk2+ (for example), it does because the
minimum version in the -current pkgsrc entry does.  So you may want to
update your tree to 2014Q1 and then cvs up -A selectively.

So really  the big  issue will be that you may end up running more of
current pkgsrc than you wanted to.

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