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Re: pkgsrc/mail/sendmail anomalies

Richard PALO <> writes:

> Le 24/12/12 17:57, Richard PALO a écrit :
>> Another phenomenon, I just found sendmail/helpfile installed as
>>      ${PREFIX}/share/misc/helpfile
>> Indeed, it is so in PLIST and in files/site.config.m4 (via confHFDIR).
>> Why?
>> Shouldn't this be
>>      ${PREFIX}/share/sendmail/helpfile
>> more like the SENDMAIL Installation and Operation Guide suggests?
> I'd like to revive this discussion...
> my latest patchset is here:

A few comments:

  The change to add -lresolv on SunOS is not clearly related to the
  rest.  I am not 100% clear on the consequences of the destdir changes,
  but the sunos build fix seems ok.  And the git-trained CM extremist in
  me would like to see separate commits for separate logical changes,
  which would ease pullups if one were to happen.  I think this change
  is the new file, and catting it into siteconfig.

  Then, I see the paths being fixed in the cf directory, build happening
  there to propagte them, a PLIST fix, and the path being fixed in the
  rc.d file.

  Finally, I see:
  but the default is user-destdir, and this seems like an unnecessary
  regression.  Your changes really aren't about destdir support; the
  second part is about respecting PREFIX.  Can you explain what the
  PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=destdir line is about?

jnemeth@: do you see any issues with these changes?


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